Collection of Rally4Sanity signs & pics

Vote for sanity on Tuesday!

I’ll add more signs and/or crowd shots as I come across them.

Love this flag:

via AP:

Thousands gather to see comedians Jon Stewart ...
Thousands gather to see comedians Jon Stewart ...
Ozzy Osbourne, Yusuf
Comedian Colbert addresses the crowd during their ...
A woman holds a sign at the Rally to Restore ...
People laugh as they listen to comedians Jon ...
Amid bitter election, comics lead rally for sanity

Sign at Rally to Restore Sanity

Every time @SarahPalinUSA tweets, God kills a kitten #rally4sanity

A dog wears a Vote Sanity sticker ...
via HuffPo:



via ryking:

HUGE crowd. Easily beats Beck’s 87,000. The Myth Busters were saying the count’s over 150,000. — [ryking]

Another shot of the crowd; it goes all the way to the Reflecting Pool. [ryking]

TPM: Sanity Restored: Photos From The Stewart/Colbert Rally: